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How cloud accounting can boost the bottom line – for you and your clients

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Intuit’s ProCloud Partner Programme and QuickBooks Online Accountant software are designed to help accountants and bookkeepers grow their practices online. Find out more about growing your practice through the cloud.

Cloud-based applications are becoming increasingly popular as more people work on the move and need a flexible, scalable option.  Having your data in the cloud (i.e. accessible via the internet and hosted on servers with bank-level security) is becoming the way forward.

Bookkeepers and accountants who use cloud-based accounting software with their clients have reported some major benefits since switching to the cloud:

  • Cloud-based tools speed things up – clients don’t have to wait for an appointment for an accountant to look at their books. They can input their own data whenever they like, and you, their accountant, can review from wherever you are, making it more convenient for both of you.
  • The data is more reliable – if information is being fed into the system regularly, both you and your client have a much better overall view of where a business is at any given point. Additionally, you will both be working on the same set of books, so your data can never be out of sync with the client’s data.
  • They can provide more valuable services – spending time sorting out clients’ books can be time-consuming, frustrating and unrewarding, both financially and professionally. Because cloud accounting software supports constant collaboration between accounting professionals and clients, businesses can input their own day-to-day transactions, and start to use your business advisory capacity more and number-crunching functions less.

How cloud accounting software can help your clients

You may need to educate clients about what cloud accounting means for them:

  • Better value from their accountant – rather than relying on you to put their books in order, they can utilise your business planning expertise instead.
  • It is more efficient – when both parties can see the data from different places, you can quickly log in to look at an issue and start solving their problem immediately.
  • It is convenient – using cloud software means that clients can input the data wherever they are, so paperwork is less likely to pile up.
  • It is safe – using bank-level encryption and secure backed-up servers means that client data is much safer than if simply stored on a local hard drive which could crash or get stolen.

Working together through cloud accounting software is beneficial for you and your customers. Clients will welcome the chance to save time and money, while you will be able to concentrate on higher value services. Although face-to-face meetings are still important from time to time, much of your communication can be carried out by email and phone, again saving time, money and hassle.
Intuit’s ProCloud Partner Programme and QuickBooks Online Accountant software are designed to help accountants and bookkeepers grow their practices online. Find out more about growing your practice through the cloud.

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