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Video: Real Time PAYE – The Intuit Rap

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Yes, you read that right – we have created a rap song and video about Real Time PAYE!

Aman Mangat is a member of the Intuit QuickBooks team and also a talented rapper – watch his rap about getting ready for Real Time PAYE.

Here are the lyrics (you might want to sing along!):

So for those that don’t know, RTI’s coming in April,
And brings about a change in the way you do your Payroll /
Introduced by the government and HMRC,
And though it may sound scary, here it goes basically /
The biggest change in legislation since 1944,
Affects employees but all employers more /
Coz instead of notifying at the end of each tax year,
Every new pay slip will help keep the facts clear /
On Income Tax paid, and all your N-I-Cs,
So just think of it as Real Time P.A.Y.E. /
No doubt the question on your mind, is “How do I comply?”,
Well in QuickBooks there’s a Wizard, upon who you can rely /
To make sure your data isn’t missing any bits,
And then it helps you pay your people, in six simple clicks /
So take away the hassle, save yourself the stress,
Our Payroll’s RTI-ready and guarantees success /

Get ready for Real Time PAYE

Real Time PAYE

Are you ready for Real Time PAYE? Our national survey of over 1,000 PAYE-registered businesses revealed that many businesses are not. While nearly 60% of employers are now aware of Real Time PAYE, through communication from HMRC or other sources, less than a third (32%) have actually taken any steps to prepare.

To help you make the transition to Real Time PAYE, we have created a Real Time PAYE site, packed with free information, training and advice to ensure you have all the information and tools you need to be ready to report in real time.

Get ready for Real Time PAYE – try our Payroll software free for 30 days!


RTI ready button

Did you know you can try our Real Time PAYE-ready QuickBooks Payroll software free for 30 days? No card required. Start your trial now.

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