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12 Productivity Tips for Work Wise Week

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Every year, employee disengagement and lack of motivation costs the UK £340 billion with just 21% of workers considering themselves “very effective” in their current job role. On top of that, sleep-deprived workers cost employers £40 billion in lost productivity, and missed work caused by health issues leads to another £21 billion in annual losses.

To address these issues, Work Wise Week is all about working smarter in today’s modern workforce. In this context, “smarter” means many things: healthier, more efficient, happier, and more productive. Making employees happier, healthier, and more productive should be the number one priority of any company that wants to consistently support the growth of their bottom line.

At QuickBooks, we believe in the power of productivity and the complexities that go into fostering an energized and fruitful workforce. That’s why we’ve created a suite of user-friendly tools and software that support a myriad of business needs. Beyond the brilliance of technology and aside from innovative administrative processes, there are a number of things you can do and steps you can take to work wiser, whether you’re an employer or employee.

In celebration of Work Wise Week, we wanted to help curate and spread awareness about how to take steps towards this kind of invigorated workforce, so we spoke with our community of industry leaders and asked them about their top productivity tips that fuel their own success.

Sian Fording from Engage for Success urges people to just get started. Procrastination is undoubtedly the leading cause of productive death, so Fording swears by just starting “even a tiny bit of something, because when I get started I carry on. When I don’t, nothing happens!”

Felicity Dwyer from Heart of Work agrees when it comes to procrastination’s lethal lure. Her solution? “Radical chunking. If you find yourself resisting writing an important email for example, then chunk it down to the simplest possible action, such as opening a new email window, writing a subject line, and typing the first few words.”

To promote healthy employees, you can’t neglect the notion of balance. Directly in line with Work Wise Week’s modern mission, Jack from Logical Jack says, “one of the best ways to help encourage work-life balance is to be flexible with how and where your employees work. By granting your employees the opportunity to work flexible schedules and the opportunity to telecommute, you’ll help employees juggle their work and home lives much more effectively.”

When it comes to technology, new software, mobile or desktop apps, and online tools that promise the fountain of productivity are endless. Gerfried Reis from Soloprenaut aptly recommends choosing one and sticking with it. He says, “I know colleagues who will try out a new productivity tool every month before moving on to the next shiny object. That’s not productive, that’s procrastinating. How well you know a tool and how effectively you can use it really determines how much benefit you can get out of it.” We can’t agree more, which is why we’ve designed our software with the end users (you) in mind.

What do you do to stay motivated, happy, and healthy at work? Let us know!

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