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Digital marketing, too much data?

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You have very little time to capture a user’s attention therefore marketing needs to be closely managed in line with budgets. The role of data is to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing accordingly so you know it is having the desired effect.

Measuring data allows for smarter and more informed decisions for a company, however you must ensure you are measuring the right data set against the overall goal.

To avoid an overwhelming wealth of knowledge, try using qualitative (e.g. exploratory research) data and quantitative (statistical) data.

Examples of quantitative data such as website views, keyword analysis, and funnel conversion for sales purposes provide extensive insight to how consumers are using your sites. (Kingsnorth)

Quantitative is very useful, but you also need to to understand the ‘why’ ‘how’ and ‘emotion’ of consumer behavior, which can be found through qualitative data.  (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick 235)

Examples include administering customer interviews, producing case studies and creating online customer forums.

By utilizing both methods in your marketing analysis, you’ll start to gain confidence in knowing what data sets are most important, allowing you to make those significant decisions that drive your future activity.

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