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Rafi Akbar, Luckywebs – “Form mutually beneficial partnerships”

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As part of our regular profiles of real small businesses, we caught up with Rafi Akbar, CEO and founder of Luckywebs. Rafi runs WordPress training programmes to help new businesses create highly customisable, self-managed WordPress websites.

What’s your business?

Luckywebs trains individuals, startups and small businesses how to build their websites their way with WordPress. We do this via live workshops, training programmes and online courses.

Since when?

June 2012

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What’s interesting about it?

Luckywebs empowers business owners with the knowledge to build and manage their website in a cost-effective manner, without having to rely on hiring expensive web designers, developers or agencies.

How’s it going?

I started out running workshops at Google Campus and have expanded to several venues including the London College of Fashion, Brent Adult Community Centre, Westminster Reference Library and many more.

Although my free time is limited while I am still growing my own business, I also believe I have an obligation to mentor and impart the wisdom I have accumulated over the course of my career so far.

What’s next?

Something that will put Luckywebs on the map. It’s challenging, exciting and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Watch this space…

What are the highs of running your own business?

Being able to work throughout the night by relying on the passion for my own business (and a few cups of tea!), getting positive feedback from attendees after a successful workshop and meeting exciting people along the way.

And the lows?

Sometimes forgetting that there is a life outside your business.

What has been your biggest success in business to date?

Getting significant client referrals from those who believe in Luckywebs and support the idea of empowering individuals to run their own website, be it students, startups or the unemployed.

What mistakes have you learned from?

I have learned to talk less technically and more like a normal person. Teaching someone who knew nothing about the internet (my mother, for example) how to use Facebook helped cement this notion.

Which businesses/entrepreneurs inspire you and why?

Duncan Bannatyne and Emma Jones. I met Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation when I attended one of her Startup Saturday workshops and I learned a few important ways I could expand my business. She has an indomitable spirit and organises hugely successful events, making it look easy. Her mind is always coming up with new ways to push the boundaries of improving one’s business and that, to me, is the mind of a brilliant entrepreneur.

What’s your top business tip?

Collaborate and form mutually beneficial partnerships with those who are in the relevant industry with more experience than yourself.

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