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Sarah McLeod, NANUKK – “Make it easy for people to pay you!”

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As part of our regular profiles of real small businesses, we caught up with Sarah McLeod, the owner of NANUKK.

What’s your business?

NANUKK is a luxury British brand.  We create high-quality silk scarf collections for women.  All NANUKK silk scarves are made in England.

Since when? 

The business was established in 2011.

What’s interesting about it?

The luxury of the silk fabric and the wild at heart design ethos that we apply across the brand has allowed NANUKK to communicate with its market in a way that excites people.

We produce only small runs of each print, therefore allowing our scarves to be limited editions that make the wearer feel very special.

How’s it going?

The road to success is always rocky but being determined has translated into inspiring collections that we are so proud of.  In turn the brand’s admirers have turned into customers.

What’s next?

A lot of opportunities have been lined up for this year already.  We hope to take part in more pop-up events and designer/maker fairs with our forthcoming collections.

What are the highs of running your own business?

It can be a nervous time waiting for new NANUKK designs to arrive back to us fully printed onto silk but when we see them there is no other feeling like it – it’s great when all your hard work has paid off and you can’t wait to show the scarves to potential customers/buyers.

And the lows?

Taking any day off that you want is pretty much a myth.  You have to be completely dedicated.  However, when you love what you’re doing, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

What has been your biggest success in business to date?

The NANUKK Wood Nymph Silk Scarf has been very popular and we have had it re-printed more than once.  Also, PopUp Britain Victoria was a very successful time for our sales.

What mistakes have you learned from?

Underestimating how hard it is to switch from paperwork to creative design work in the same day. I now set aside which days will be fully creative and which days to focus on admin. 

Which businesses/entrepreneurs inspire you and why?

Zandra Rhodes – print designer extraordinaire!  Having been lucky enough to assist her for a period of time, I got to witness her incredible work ethic and desire to create.

What’s your top tip?

All work and no play makes you dull and dulls your creative/business spark.  Be dedicated to your business but make sure you make time for other things you love doing as well.

Also, it sounds obvious but make sure you make it easy for people to pay you! I use Intuit Pay for taking payments in person. It’s fantastic as most people like to pay by card – it means I don’t lose sales and can secure higher value sales.

 What would you like help/tips from other small businesses on?

I’d love to hear other similar brands’ experience of trade shows and smaller design fairs from across the country.

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