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Three Halloween horror films with a message for small businesses

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As Halloween descends on us once again, we look at what the world of cinematic gore can tell us about how we run our companies.

Movie: The Shining

Message: Beware cabin fever

Being self-employed can be lonely, as writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) finds out in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror classic The Shining.

Asked to mind an isolated Colorado hotel over the winter with his wife and child, it’s not long before he’s drowning in booze, suffering hallucinations and trying to murder his missus with a gigantic axe. As you can imagine, all this bloodlust plays hell with his creativity too and he gets nothing done.

If only he’d gone and met friends for a lunchtime coffee.

Movie: The Blair Witch Project

Message: Don’t take on a job you don’t feel good about

As small business owners, it’s hard to say no to work, but the young documentary team who go in search of the legendary witch of Burkittsville, Maryland, probably wished they’d taken a hit on the cash and stayed at home.

Not only do they end up in a hellish netherworld where they’re tormented by invisible demons, but their eventual slaying at the hands of the witch means they miss their deadline – an absolute no-no for any business trying to build a good reputation.

If your gut instinct says no, don’t be afraid to turn work down.

Movie: Ring

Message: Show technology who’s boss

Who’d have thought the humble videotape could be so, well, scary? In this brilliant Japanese horror from 1998, everyone who watches a particular videotape ends up snuffing it in a rather unpleasant manner. Sometimes in small business we get distracted by technology itself rather than using it as a tool to improve what we do.

In some cases this can mean our quality control slips or we waste a lot of time. In others, such as in Ring, it can mean an unstoppable plague of death and unimaginable, blood-drenched horror. And no-one wants that, do they?

Make sure you’re using tech tools strategically before they start to control you…

Hit us with some more – what’s your favourite horror film and is there a message for small businesses in there?

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