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Countdown to Accountex – Q+A with Daniel Richards from Insight Marketing

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As we continue with our Q+A session with Accountancy experts that will share the QuickBooks Theatre stage at this year’s Accountex event, it’s now the turn of Daniel Richards from Insight Marketing.

Daniel heads up Insight’s lead generation team, with extensive experience in developing modern marketing campaigns that generate outstanding results.

He has been instrumental in growing thousands of firm, helping them win better quality clients and earn more profit.

As one of the most sought after online and offline marketing experts, we’re very fortunate to have Daniel speak at Accountex. We asked him about the upcoming event and what the next 12 months have in store for the accountancy profession.



What are you most looking forward to at Accountex 2015?

Accountex is an incredible event where the leading suppliers, professional bodies, advisers and accountants all gather in the same space for two very busy days! It is this combination that creates real opportunity for all involved. [The organisers] do an excellent job of putting on the event, which then allows an environment for firms to find the best suppliers, latest thinking, meet key people and each other. This energy is encouraging and if approached correctly helps everyone involved to learn and do what they do, better.

There is so much happening in the accounting sector right now, especially from a technology point of view. What do you find most interesting about the changes in the profession?

Without a doubt, is the shift that we have as a society undertaken in our wholesale adoption of mobile devices – in particular the use of Apps. This creates a real opportunity for the profession to engage clients and prospects in an unprecedented way. Apple and Android are driving us all further into this direction, HMRC want us using digital tax accounts through an App on our smartphones, the big cloud and technology companies want to be on users devices and now firms can coordinate all that through their own App, plus more! There is certainly more innovation to come and we’ll all need to keep looking ahead and making appropriate changes to respond to that, be a part of it, and ensure it makes the necessary positive difference to client care, to prospect marketing, practice management and leveraging other professional relationships.

What do you think the next 12 months is going to look like for the industry?

Headlines such as ‘Death of the tax return’ will continue to come and so for some they’re going to find that really tough. For others, it will be a way to accelerate the work and changes they’ve already been implementing. From a marketing point of view, there’s going to be a need to integrate better several elements and strands of marketing to get the best results and create more and more of an ‘inbound’ model of lead generation. Telemarketing and direct mail etc still very much has its place, but the firms [who get the] best results will be those coordinating the ‘human touch’ with effective uses of technology and messages based even more around the value that can be offered rather than the ‘product of accountancy’.

Tell us one thing that we’ll learn at your session?

How to bring client service, adoption of cloud services (e.g. quickbooks), and marketing differential together through one single action. Insight are the only organization in the UK, and further afield, who can bring together proven marketing approaches and have deep experience in each of those, such as Apps, strategic relationship with key 3rd parties in the industry, websites, blogs, social media, telemarketing, direct mail, and referral strategies. This combined understanding means, you’ll get to see how to make the most of options before you – and appropriate to your size of firm.

What are the key changes you’ve seen in small business clients during your time in the industry?

A greater and greater awareness of what they can expect from an accountant beyond compliance services, and a willingness to ‘shop around’.

Based on these changes, what is the one thing accountants must do to adapt and remain successful?

Be clear on their ‘why’, Be clear on the value they deliver, Articulate that in a way that means something to the ‘buyer’ – and adopt the best technology, as quickly as possible. (4 things, in one sentence – does that count?!)


We’d like to thank Daniel for talking with us.

He will be speaking at Accountex, next Thursday,  14th May on “Marketing for Maximum Impact” at the Intuit QuickBooks Theatre. See our full list of speakers here.


Visit the Accountex website for more details. Follow Insight Marketing on Twitter.

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