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QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2013: Accountant Centre

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In this series we delve deeper into some of the great timesaving tools and features in QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2013.

 The Accountant Centre is designed to streamline your workflow – this customisable feature gives you one-click access to the tools you use most.

The Reconcile Widget gives you a fresh look at account balances, reconciled balance and last reconciled date – all in one place! 


The Tools Centre part of the Accountant Centre allows you to create a list of QuickBooks Tools you use the most by customising it.  You can add or delete the Tools from a list of over 150 for your selection.

You can also “Add”, “Remove”, “Move Up” and “Move Down” to tailor the list to best fit your needs.


For each bank or credit card account in the company file, the Reconciliation Centre part of the Accountant Centre shows:

  • • The date of the last reconciliation
  • • The reconciled balance
  • • The current balance

A single click on any account in this section will open the register for that account.

By clicking on the button in the lower left corner, the reconciliation window in QuickBooks will open for you to begin your reconciliation.

Memorised Reports 

The Memorised Reports Centre in the Accountant Centre gives you quick access to groups of memorised reports for accountants, contractors, banking, customers, vendors, employees and company.

You can customise the Memorised Reports Centre to meet your own needs. 

Accountant Updates 

The Accountant Updates Centre keeps you up to date on information from Intuit to better enable you to manage your business.

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Find out more about the timesaving tools and features in QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2013.

Are you using QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2013 yet? Do you have any questions or feedback?

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