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QuickBooks Product Update: May 2015

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It’s the end of May and summer is just around the corner. However, business doesn’t stop when the weather gets better, so we’ve continued to make improvements to QuickBooks to help you save more time and effort when managing your finances.

This article explains the updates we introduced in May. We’ve released an exciting new iOS mobile app, updated Payroll and continued to enhance sales form customisation based on your feedback.

We’re also proud to announce that QuickBooks won ‘Best Financial Software Vendor: Smaller Clients’ at the recent FD’s Excellence Awards, held in association with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). The awards are voted for by more than 1,800 Finance Directors and other leading financial managers, representing a clear vote of confidence in QuickBooks by accounting professionals.

What’s new?

The latest updates and new features

  • New QuickBooks Mobile app for Apple devices (v4.3)
  • Payroll enhancements
  • Sales Form Customisation improvements

Your opinion is important to us.

We’re continually working to improve QuickBooks based on the feedback that you give us.

  • Collapsible customer split view
  • Search by customer phone number
  • Invoice number in email subject
  • Permissions update
  • Account types in Chart of Accounts

What’s new?

New QuickBooks Mobile app for Apple devices

QuickBooks mobile apps provide the freedom and flexibility to manage your finances while you’re on the move.

The option to use QuickBooks on phones and tablets has been available for some time but ‘wearable technology’ is the latest trend, so our updated iOS app now provides Apple Watch support for the very first time.

We’ve also added some great new features to the iPhone and iPad interfaces for those occasions when you’ll need a bigger screen. Here’s an overview of the new app features:

  • Support for native iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes and resolutions: QuickBooks is now optimized for larger screens.
  • Customer Signatures on iPhone Estimates & Invoices: Close a sale or agree an estimate on the spot by capturing a signature directly into QuickBooks. The signature is stored against the estimate/ invoice and also in the ‘attachments’ folder.

v86 1              v86 2


  • Updated Profit & Loss report: It’s now easier than ever to see a snapshot of your company P&L. Choose between a visual overview and a detailed line-by-line breakdown, and filter for the time period that you’re interested in.

v86 3


  • QuickBooks comes to the Apple Watch! See account balances, income, expenses, and open invoice amounts at a glance. It’s never been easier to check the state of your business finances.

v86 7v86 6v86 5v86 4


  • Touch ID/Passcode access: You can save time signing in by using a passcode or Touch ID (on supported devices) instead of entering your username and password each time you sign into the QuickBooks app. Feel secure when you manage your company on the move.

v86 8

  • Password manager apps such as 1Password and LastPass are now supported. Simply add your QuickBooks login details to your password manager tool, then use it to log in.

v86 9


Try it now: Download the latest QuickBooks Mobile app for iOS from iTunes.

If you’re an Android user, don’t feel left out. Some of the features above are already available and we’re continuing to work on new developments for you too.

Payroll enhancements

This month we’ve made a couple of key changes based on your feedback about QuickBooks’ integrated Payroll feature. It’s now possible to set up fortnightly and 4-weekly payroll, in addition to the existing weekly and monthly options.

Watch our webinar to lean how to activate Payroll in QuickBooks.

Global Create (+ sign) > New Payroll > Pay Frequency > Select the frequency you need.

v86 10

You can also save time with our employee import and export tools. To import employee data to QuickBooks, simply create a file in .CSV format using the template provided (in Excel, for example), then upload to QuickBooks. Year-to-date tax data is included with each employee record, making it easier to get set up with QuickBooks in the middle of the tax year. It’s even possible to import employee data that was entered into QuickBooks before you activated Payroll.

Left Nav > Employees > New Employee (down arrow) > Select import/export option

v86 11

Left Nav > Employees > New Employee (down arrow) > Import from CSV

v86 12


Finally, there’s a new way to see an overview of your payroll calendar. It’s easier than ever to see payroll information at a glance.

Left Nav -> Employees -> Payroll Settings -> Payroll Calendar

v86 13


Sales form customisation improvements

Following on from recent enhancements, we’re still working hard to improve the online sales form customisation features in QuickBooks.

Some of the changes we’ve made recently include the ability to adjust the position of your company logo, position content within footers and delete unwanted templates.

If you’re a user who has recently gained access to the latest form customisation options in QuickBooks you will also benefit from an additional ‘Classic’ form style that replicates the layout you’re used to. You won’t be able to edit this one but it will be set as your initial default.

We’re working on adding more, including logo re-sizing and better batch printing, so watch this space…

To find out more about customising your sales forms why not check out this video or log in to QuickBooks to see the latest options?

Company Cog > Custom Form Styles > Action column > Edit


v86 14


Your opinion is important to us

Customer feedback helps us decide what features to add to QuickBooks.

Here are the changes we’ve made recently.

Collapse the customer split view

You can hide the middle column to make more room on your QuickBooks.

Customers -> click a customer -> Click the show/hide toggle.


Search for a customer by phone number

Based on your requests, you can now quickly find a customer by entering their phone number.

Customers -> click a customer -> Enter their phone number in the search box.




Add an invoice number to an email subject line

This is based on your feedback for more convenient invoice reference. Note the variable [Invoice No.].

Company Cog -> Company Settings -> Sales -> Messages -> Invoice -> Use standard message.



Updated permissions

“Limited access” users that have access to supplier data no longer see account balances (highlighted in the red square, below) on expense, check, and bills pages. Thanks for your feedback about protecting sensitive company information.



See every account’s detail type on the Chart of Accounts page

Based on your feedback, you can now see more COA information on one page. Don’t need the Detail Type column? You can hide it by clicking the cog at the top-right corner of the table.

Company Cog -> Chart of Accounts




We hope you find the latest updates to QuickBooks useful. You can use the Feedback option from the Company Settings cog in QuickBooks to give us feedback on the features above, or any others.

Makera Kigabera is a Product Marketing Manager for QuickBooks Online. Follow him on Twitter or tweet @QuickBooksUK if you have specific questions about our QuickBooks.

Makera Kigaraba


Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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