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Why feedback is important (and a little request for your feedback!)

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FeedbackFeedback is important for your product or service but it’s easy to get so swept up in the day-to-day business of working that you don’t find the time to ask whether you’re actually giving people what they want.

If you don’t ask for feedback you’re unlikely to make the best improvements quickly and you might only hear about the bad things when people make a complaint – by which time it’s often too late. In addition, people are more likely to speak up when they want to complain, and quite understandably so. By soliciting feedback directly you’ll find out what you’re doing right so you can keep on doing it or even do it better.

You can get feedback in all sorts of ways, such as surveys, focus groups and social media monitoring and at Intuit we’re doing a bit of that ourselves just now through Zuberance.

We’re asking people how likely they are to recommend QuickBooks to clients, colleagues and friends on a scale of 0 to 10. Once they’ve voted users will have the chance to share a QuickBooks video and give us any specific comments and feedback so we can continue to improve the product.

You can give your feedback and try out the Zuberance process for yourself here, perhaps before trying it out for your own business.

We’d love to hear your honest feedback on QuickBooks. Praise, frustrations, suggestions, general comments and ideas – we’re all ears!

How regularly do you get feedback on your business and how do you do it? Pass on your tips and experiences.


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