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Product Updates: QuickBooks + Google calendar = Easier invoicing

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If you charge your clients an hourly rate, you’ll know how time-consuming the invoicing process can be. But all those painstaking calculations could soon be a thing of the past. Use the information in your Google calendar to create an invoice in QuickBooks – instantly. Just select the events you want to put on your invoice and QuickBooks will import the date, description, and add up the hours you worked.


The process is simple. Here’s how to set up
1. Visit the QuickBooks apps page, find Invoice with Google Calendar and opt-in. Sign up with your Gmail account.
2. Authorise the app and continue through the guided setup until installed. Next, let’s add your hours to your invoice.
3. Once the account is chosen, you just click ‘Allow’ and ‘Got It’ and the app is installed

Creating an invoice

1. In QuickBooks, select Create > Invoice. Click the Google Calendar icon.
2. Search for the task or the date you’re invoicing for. When you’ve found the entry you need, select it to add it to your invoice. Edit as required, then hit Save and send.

All done. Your customer will receive an email notification with their invoice attached.

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