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Four business books that are actually worth reading

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The best way of finding out about your running your own business is by… well, running your own business. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get inspiration from those who have seen it, done and manufactured the T-shirt. Instead, take a look at some of these great business books.

There are countless business books out there, all geared to turning you (and your company) into a money-making machine, but they can’t all be right, can they? So, thanks to the advice of business people from companies big and small, and some serious reading hours, here’s a selection of tomes that could make all the difference to you and the way you work.

Quiet Leadership by David Rock

They say: “Quiet Leadership provides a brain-based approach that will help busy leaders, executives and managers improve their own and their colleagues’ performance.”

We say: As much a manifesto as one of the finest business books, Quiet Leadership seeks to transform the way we think about management, basing its findings on scientific studies of the brain. With that knowledge, managers can work out how to make teams happier and more productive.

Best for: Bosses looking to improve staff performance/morale.

Business Model You by Tim Clark

They say: “Replace career uncertainty with career confidence by using the single–page blueprint that’s helped reinvent thousands of organisations worldwide.”

We say: A graphic-heavy book that helps the reader use the model of a business plan to change their own life for the better. Business Model You helps you work out exactly where your strengths lie, and how to use them to transform your personal and business life.

Best for: People looking to change their career.

Shine: How To Survive And Thrive At Work by Chris Baréz Brown

They say: “Wouldn’t it be great if every day went your way? If you jumped out of bed every morning, ready for anything? You can stand out, break the rules and make things happen.”

We say: Easy-to-digest bits of advice and statements that encourage creativity by reassessing behaviours that we think of as productive and turning them on their head. Think you spend too much time emailing or on the phone? This is the book for you.

Best for: Those who want a quick shot of inspiration.

Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

They say: “Freakonomics is at the heart of everything we do. It’s all about using information about the world around us to get the heart of what’s really happening under the surface of everyday life.”

We say: Not strictly a business book, but one that gets to the heart of what really motivates people in their lives. From the ghettos of Chicago to the sumo gyms of Japan, the authors explore the wilder side of economics – and it’s a hell of a ride.

Best for: Business people looking for an alternative explanation to the world as we know it and a fresh way of approaching things.


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