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5 reasons to move your business data online

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How do you store your sensitive data? Many small businesses have made the move to the cloud, accessing information and accounts from any device in any location. Others have stayed loyal to traditional office-based software systems. So what are risks doing everything on your desktop?

1. You’re only human

Regular security updates are essential if you want to help stop your desktop system being vulnerable to cyber attacks. You’ll also need to create backups to avoid loss of data and activate password protection.

No problem if you have the memory of an elephant, but when work takes over it’s easily overlooked. Online accounting software performs regular backups. Problem solved.

  1. Old-school security

Even if you’re obsessive about backing up your server, your company’s information security is still dependent on your network’s firewall. Local financial data can be hacked through the internet or attacked by viruses, but online accounting helps keep your data protected.

Regular security updates are essential if you want to help stop your desktop system being vulnerable to cyber attacks

  1. Unnatural disasters

Fire, flood, earthquakes…some nightmares are more likely than others. But if a ‘force majeure’ was to happen (or someone just broke in and trashed your office), what would happen to your data? Cloud storage companies typically use more than one location for exactly this reason.

  1. Manual Data mistakes

Desktop accounting systems, such as Excel, rely on manual data entry. Not only can this be time consuming, manual data entry can be more prone to errors than automated online systems. Plus, if your accounts are only available on your own network, you could end up making uninformed financial decisions. Online accounting gives you access to your financial data wherever there’s an internet connection. That means instant collaboration with your accountant and no more guess work.

  1. Access all areas?

It’s one thing locking your office, but another to keep tabs on who’s accessing the accounting spreadsheet. Online accounting helps protect data by creating separate user accounts, each with different levels of authorisation. That means you’ll be in control of the data that matters most to your business

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