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Mobile payments: Myths vs realities

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The statistics in this infographic on mobile payments are from the US but many of the concerns are the same in the UK too. Find out more about the realities behind the myths around mobile payments.

Intuit Pay is the UK version of Go Payment. Find out more about Intuit Pay now.

Mobile Payments Myths
via: Mobile Payments Myths [Infographic]

Intuit Pay is ideal for both bricks-and-mortar businesses and those on the go – from tradesmen to taxis, and from markets to manufacturers. It allows small businesses to get paid on the spot so they never miss a sale.

  • In person: Accept credit cards anywhere, using a smartphone or tablet, a free app and the Intuit Pay chip and PIN card reader.
  • From home or office: Process credit and debit card payments instantly online from a computer.

Find out more about Intuit Pay.

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