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July Product Updates

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In this month’s Insight blog, find out how to submit your VAT submission directly to HMRC within QuickBooks saving you even more time, see our new integration with Google Calendar allowing you to easily add hours to your invoices and plan for the future with our app spotlight FUTRLI.

VAT Online Submission direct to HMRC in a few clicks

We listened to feedback and coming soon you will be able save even more time by submitting your prepared VAT return straight to HMRC, using our QuickBooks submission. QuickBooks then tracks the status from HMRC within you they always know where you stand.

Here is how you can submit their VAT return online via the HMRC Government Gateway:

1.    Ensure you have registered with Government Gateway beforehand. Then login to QuickBooks and from the left menu select Taxes and you will be redirected to your VAT page. When you are ready to submit your VAT return, to the right, click the drop-down arrow beside the Prepare return action.

2.    This will produce the following three reports on screen.
·         View Summary
·         View VAT details
·         View exception details

To Submit your VAT return, simply click Prepare Return

3.    When you have checked the figures and are ready to submit your VAT return, click Submit to HMRC located at the bottom of your screen.

4.    Enter your HMRC Government Gateway credentials and submit. During submission, you will see several on-screen messages. One that you may be familiar with is that Your return has landed safely and is Pending with HMRC.  The pending status depends on the timing of both your internet connections and how busy the HMRC website is. If your VAT submission is successful, you will most likely see the message ‘Approved by HMRC’, depending on the timings and whether you are patiently waiting on the response or continuously working on other tasks or areas at the time of the alert.

5. Below are the symbols that inform you of the status regarding your online submissions for your VAT returns which you can see on the top right hand corner of your VAT page.

The Google Calendar App is coming soon.

QuickBooks and Google Calendar are bringing an exciting new way to invoice. The new Google Calendar integration will reduce the time it takes to add hours to your invoice. It’s a simple and short process, available from 10 July 2017 for all Gmail users. Sending invoices has never been easier.

Here’s how they can get going:

1. Visit apps.com, find Invoice with Google Calendar and choose to opt-in. Sign up with your Gmail account. If you are already using QuickBooks you can also use the QuickBooks Online apps page.

2. Authorise the app and continue through the guided setup until installed. Next, let’s add your hours to your invoice.

3. Once the account is chosen, you just click ‘Allow’ and ‘Got It’ and the app is installed – Hurray!

4. From your QuickBooks, Select Create > Invoice. You’ll spot a Google Calendar icon on your invoice, click it.

5. Search for the event title or the date you’re invoicing for. When you’ve found the calendar entry, select it. This will add it to your invoice. Change any info if you need to and hit Save and send.

You are all finished and have successfully sent your first invoice using Google Calendar! Your customer will receive an email notification with their invoice attached.

Plan the future of your business with FUTRLI

Knowing how your business did in the past 6 months is helpful – but how do you plan for the future and make the right decisions? FUTRLI is your business sat-nav to help you navigate the future, helping advisors & businesses collaborate: Forecasting, Advanced Reporting/Dashboards, KPIs, Alerts & Consolidation.

FUTRLI is designed for busy people who understand that inefficiency is expensive. To enable you to look up and ahead, forecasting and business planning software needs to be beautifully simple and completely integrated. To make this even more powerful, it’s seamlessly connected to QuickBooks. Together, you always have effortless insights delivered before success go unnoticed or risk creeps in. FUTRLI is like insurance and an investment in your future.

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Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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