How to Navigate QuickBooks 

This video shows you where to find everything you need to use QuickBooks with confidence. Learn where to go to create common things like invoices and sales receipts, where to see all your customers' info, and where to find your company settings and other QuickBooks features.

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    Navigation Bar

    The Navigation Bar is where you access all the people you do business with including your customers, suppliers, and employees.


    To find a customer, click on the Customers tab and you will see them listed with links corresponding to any transactions with their name attached to them.


    To find a supplier, click on the Suppliers tab and you will see them listed, with their status letting you know who has been paid, who has not been paid and who has not billed.


    To find an employee, click on the Employees tab and you will see them listed with all of their contact information. You can also access your Payroll from here.


    Under the Transactions tab, you can view your Banking activity, see a list of your Sales (income) and Expenses (expenditures) and access your account history.


    The Reports tab brings you to all of your reports, including your customised reports and the reports you use frequently.


    Any tax information is located in the VAT tab, including VAT balances and payment history.


    The Apps tab takes you to a collection of add-ons including time tracking and expense management.

    Plus Sign

    The Plus Sign (+) icon is where you’ll find your Global Create Menu, which includes Customers, Suppliers and Employees. Other options such as Bank Deposits, Transfers, Journal Entries and Statements can also be accessed here.

    Search Using the Magnifying Glass

    To find any invoices or cheques you’ve created, enter the cheque number, date or amount in the search field by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

    Recent Transactions

    To find Recent Transactions, click the clock icon and it will prompt a drop-down menu listing them chronologically.

    The Gear Icon

    Click the Gear icon to access your Settings, Lists, Tools, and Your Company account info. More advanced accounting options are found under Tools.