5 QuickBooks Online Plus subscriptions
for $5/each per month offer



What is the offer?
The offer is for 5 QuickBooks Online Plus subscriptions for $5/each per month.


Who is eligible for this offer? 
The offer is available to any QuickBooks Online Accountant customer legally based in the US who has registered for QuickBooks Online Accountant and has at least 50 clients. 


How many bundles can an Accountant/Firm purchase? 
An Accountant/Firm can purchase only one bundle of 5 subscriptions, for a maximum of 5 total QuickBooks Online Plus subscriptions.


Does this offer apply to my current QuickBooks Online Plus subscribers?

No. This offer is only available for your new QuickBooks Online Plus clients.


For how long does the subscription bundle remain at $5/each subscription per month?
The Accountant/Firm pays a total of $25 per 5-subscription bundle per month for the first two years.


What if I cancel one of the subscriptions?
If you cancel any of the five subscriptions, the Accountant/Firm will pay the lower price of $5 per subscription for all remaining subscriptions.


Can I add Payroll to the subscriptions and what is the price?
To qualify for this promotion, you can only sign up for QuickBooks Online Plus. Once subscribed, you may add Payroll (QuickBooks Online Payroll or QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service) at a 50% wholesale discount.


Do I need to connect each subscription to a client immediately after purchasing a subscription bundle?
No. After you purchase the bundle of 5 QuickBooks Online Plus subscriptions, you will have 6 months to sign up a client to each subscription. You will continue to pay for all 5 subscriptions, even if you do not have clients using all 5 of them.


Does the $25 promotional price per month include Sales Tax?
No - the $25 promotions price per month does not include Sales Tax.



I’m based in Canada but have U.S. clients. Do I qualify for the offer?
No. We are only able to extend this offer to firms legally based in the U.S.


Are there any billing exceptions? In some cases, customers may receive a full wholesale charge for discounted units.  These customers will receive an electronic refund to bring the price to $5 per unit.  Once pricing is updated, customers will be charged $5 per unit for discounted QBO Plus subscriptions.