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Top 10 ways to earn money from home

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The digital revolution has made it easier than ever to earn some cash without leaving your house. Perhaps you’ve just had a child, or you’re struggling to get out for physical reasons – or maybe you just don’t like the daily grind and want to flex your creative muscles. If you’re wondering how to earn money in home business, we’ve got 10 ways to make money from home in South Africa that you can start today – and most of them come without any initial investment.

10 real ways to make money from home

1 Airbnb your home

Do you have a spare room? Why not list it on Airbnb and earn some extra cash by renting it out? You don’t have to live in a tourist hotspot to do this. Wherever people do business, there’s a steady stream of visitors looking for short-term accommodation.

2 Babysitting

You don’t need formal qualifications or certificates to spread the word that you’re available for babysitting. Ask friends and family to tell their friends and colleagues that you’re a trustworthy person who can look after their kids and the requests might come flooding in.

3 Complete online surveys

If you regularly find yourself with a few spare minutes, you can turn your time into cash by doing surveys – people really do value your opinion! Have a search – there are plenty of companies to choose from.

4 Build a website/blog 

What are you passionate about? It could be anything from sewing to mountaineering – get blogging about it on a platform like WordPress. Build up a like-minded following, set up advertising and you could make a steady income stream.

5 Freelancing

Whatever your skills – typing, writing, graphic design, programming – there is a demand out there, and not all businesses want to have full-time workers doing them. Register yourself on freelance networks and you can get work pretty quickly.

6 Data entry

Many companies have vast amounts of data that needs to be digitised manually by typing it in on a computer. Search for “data entry from home” and you’ll see plenty of openings to make money online from home.

7 Website/app tester

Websites and apps are complex, and developers can’t possibly spend thousands of hours testing them in all situations. That’s why many developers pay people to test their work and report back all the issues so they can fix them.

8 Buy and sell stuff online

Whether you’re clearing your home of clutter or buying bargains from car boot sales and thrift stores, you can sell things online for a tidy profit.

9 Make T-shirts

If you have an eye for design and a finger on the pulse, you can create witty and topical T-shirts and sell them through a print-to-order service. There’s no upfront cost – the printer takes the orders and prints and dispatches the T-shirts, and you get a cut of each piece sold.

10 Sell your old phones

By now, many of us have a few old cell phones sitting in drawers at home. They might not have fancy cameras and apps, but they’re full of rare metals and electronic components that have real market value, and there are specialist companies who’ll take them off your hands for cash.

Ready to start working from home?

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways to make money from home, whether that’s turning your skills into cash or unlocking the things of value that you have lying around. And, of course, you can easily manage your finances with Quickbooks

Some of the above can be turned into a career; others will top up your income. Why not give one a try? There’s nothing to lose!


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