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I operate a single business under 2 different trading names, which have the same ABN and bank account.  How do I set up invoices to have different logos and trading names


Our invoice templates differ per individual clients/suppliers  based on numerous factors - Can we set a default invoice template on a client record which will be used every time we enter an invoice?  


Please advise if we can record the sales person in our invoices and do an analysis of all sales for a particular period? (to be used in commission reports)


Thanks as always

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Hi Koala,


The option to set up a default invoice template for a specific client and track commissions are unavailable in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


You can create two different invoice template, enter each trading name, and their logos from there. However, you'll have to manually change the template when creating invoices. 


On the other hand, you can track and record sales for commissions by enabling the Class or Location feature on your company settings.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Gear icon and Account and Settings.
  2. In the Advanced section, click on the pencil icon for Categories to edit.
  3. Choose either Track classes or Track locations.
  4. Click on Save and Done.

Then, you can enter classes on invoices. 


I'm linking an article that will provide more information: Set up and use class and location tracking.


Know that we're continuously improving QBO's features to meet your needs. For any enhancements and announcements, you can visit our website through this link: QuickBooks Blog.


I'll be sure to update this thread if I hear any changes about the option that you're looking for. 


Tag my name below if you have any questions. I'll do everything I can to answer them.

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Hi Jane,


Thanks for the speedy reply.


1) Please will you advise if we can establish a default Income / Cost of Goods sold/Tax code account for each of clients/suppliers in their card file. This will thereafter serve as a default account code and tax code when creating invoices to clients or allocating expenses from suppliers?  

2) I operate a single business under 2 different trading names, which have the same ABN and bank account. How do I set up invoices to have different logos and trading names.


Thanks again for the fantastic support we are receiving from this community forum



Intuit Zac
Content Creator


Hi Koala, 


Maybe I can answer these 2 for JaneD?


1. You can assign income account, CoGS account and Tax Code to the product or service in the set up of the items. You can also run a "transaction list by supplier" report to see the related transactions under the same supplier. 


2. If you import 2 different invoice templates, you would be able to select which template to use when you creating the invoice. This would have a different trading name and logo displayed for your customers. 


Are these helpful?

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@Intuit Zac 


Thanks for providing greater clarity which has been helpful :-).


Disappointed that we have to manually select the invoice template for each of our customers. We have numerous templates and most of them are client dependent. There is a risk of printing an incorrect template with incorrect bank details. . Perhaps this is something that can be developed in the future versions ?


Thanks again




Intuit Zac
Content Creator


That is absolutely possible, Koala. 


I have forward your feedback to our relevant team, here is how you can do the same by submitting an in-product feedback so we can continue on improving our product for you:


How do I submit feedback?


Thank you :-)