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My 'Bank Balance' and 'in Quickbooks' Balance don't match, but the transactions add up to my Bank Balance

Hi, i just started using QuickBooksOnline this month and after only a dozen transactions my linked 'Bank Balance' doenst match my 'in Quickbooks' balance .

If i go to the banking tab, and look at the reviewed list, and add/subtract all the transactions on a calculator, the reviewed transactions match my Bank balance, so why does my 'in Quickbooks' balance not match?


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My 'Bank Balance' and 'in Quickbooks' Balance don't match, but the transactions add up to my Bank Balance

Hey Sagris,


I'm happy to see you're taking an active approach to make these balances match. The bank feed in QuickBooks Online is a simple and convenient way to automatically keep track of all your transactions, while making reconciliations easy. These two balances are designed to give you a quick visual of what things look like through your bank compared to what's currently recorded in QuickBooks Online. I'll be happy to help you resolve the discrepancy between these amounts.


The Reviewed list is designed to show all transactions that were added from the bank feed, but the In QuickBooks balance displays all transactions recorded in the system (even if they weren't added from the bank feed) for that balance sheet account. To see all these transactions, simply click Go to Account history on the right of your Banking tab. Reconciling the account is the most effective way to address differences between your books and your bank. QuickBooks Online is designed to simplify this process, giving you more time to focus on growing your business. Check out this awesome guide to get started: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online


Your accountant is an incredible partner for reconciliations. They understand your company's unique financials, so they're well-suited for reconciling your accounts and resolving discrepancies. They can even offer you additional insight into keeping things balanced going forward. You can easily invite your accountant as a user to approach this as a team. To search for a pro in your area, simply head to the My Accountant tab in QuickBooks Online then click on Find a pro to help


Let me know how this goes! Reconciling is a great way to ensure accuracy in your books.

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