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Split Bank Deposit in Multiple Currencies

I recently deposited two cheques at my bank. One cheque was in CAD and the other was in USD. The bank grouped the two cheques into one deposit. Now in Quickbooks I am trying to match this deposit to the two invoices, but I don't know how. When I try to split the deposit and match it I can only split into CAD or USD, but not both. How can I reconcile this deposit into the two currencies?

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Split Bank Deposit in Multiple Currencies

Hey scottkehler,


It's awesome to see you're using the bank feeds to manage your international business efficiently. Multi-currency features in QuickBooks Online are a convenient and robust way of automatically calculating your exchange gains and losses, while simplifying the bookkeeping for foreign currency transactions. Using the bank feed can automate a large portion of this process, giving you more time to focus on growing your business. I'll be happy to help you sort this out.


In order to always provide you with the most accurate exchange rates possible, currencies are selected for the entire transaction. The simplest way to add a deposit that consists of more than one currency is to record it as two individual deposits and exclude the bank transaction. It's just a couple easy steps to do this:

  1. Head to the Banking tab.
  2. Select the transaction, then choose Exclude from the Batch actions button.

If you have any feedback about these features, don't hesitate to submit it to our engineers. Customer comments play a significant role in future developments of the QuickBooks experience.


Let me know if this works!

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Split Bank Deposit in Multiple Currencies

That makes sense, thanks!

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