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There is any way to show me the description on the Reconciliation Record ?

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QuickBooks Team

There is any way to show me the description on the Reconciliation Record ?



Your Reconciliation Report is used to outline the reconciliation that took place on a specific date in QuickBooks Online. The report will show you the date, who the account was reconciled by, and all the summary information involved such as the transactions that were included. I know how important it is to make the most of this tool, and I'll explain the limitations in regards to adding or viewing a description.


If you're trying to add custom notes or descriptions to this report/record, this capability isn't available at this time. This means that you're not able to see a description on the Reconciliation Report.

I know how important it is to keep all vital information in one place, and I think having the option to see a description of your records would be a great addition to the program. I'd encourage you to submit feedback about this to our product engineers for review. This can be done by clicking the Gear icon > Feedback


I'd be happy to pass this on to my team on your behalf also. 


I hope this helps to get you back on track. If you have additional questions, or if I've missed the mark with my response, please don't hesitate to reach out to our tech support team.


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