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Unreconcile previous reconciliations, made too many mistakes

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Unreconcile previous reconciliations, made too many mistakes

Hey sll2,


It's great that you've identified issues with your prior reconciliations. Making sure everything lines up is the best way to keep your books balanced, and QuickBooks Online is designed to make this easy. With the system's streamlined workflow, we can make the stress of reconciling a thing of the past. I'll be happy to advise you of your options in undoing a reconciliation. 


If you just need to make corrections to a few transactions, you can easily update their reconcile status from the register. The ideal approach to this solution varies based on the specific situation causing the error, but this great article includes detailed steps to fix common issues: Undo and remove transactions from reconciliations in QuickBooks Online


Your accountant can fully undo and reconciliation and delete the report. You can easily invite your accountant as a user to approach this together. To search for a pro in your area, simply head to the My Accountant tab in QuickBooks Online then click on Find a pro to help.


Let me know how this goes! I'm here for you if you have any other questions.

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