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Can I see employees SIn# from web?

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QuickBooks Team

Can I see employees SIn# from web?

Hi there, 

Protecting the privacy of your business is imperative when using a cloud-based program like QuickBooks Online. We also take seriously the privacy and security of your employees, as their personal identifiable information is stored in the system (such as SIN #). I'll explain what this means for the visibility of the SIN in your account. 


Once you enter your employee's SIN number, you're only able to see the last 3 digits of the number on their TD1 form. I know it may be important for you to have access to their full SIN number, and I'd urge you to follow up with the employee directly to get this information.  

If you'd like to leave feedback about this for our product development team, you can do so by clicking the Gear icon > Feedback


If you have any other questions, please reach out to our tech support team


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