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Does QuickBooks calculate employment insurance deductions?

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QuickBooks Team

Does QuickBooks calculate employment insurance deductions?

Hello martinscaia,


I love that you're looking to familiarize yourself with what QuickBooks Online can do for your business. That's the perfect way to approach services you can use for your business and will ensure you're making the best decision for your business. I'm happy to go over employment insurance deductions in QuickBooks Online.


Both of the program's payroll services are configured to handle employment insurance (EI) calculations and do so automatically. As this is one of the essentials of payroll, our system takes on that work so you don't have to worry about setting up this kind of deduction. If an employee needs to be exempt for any reason, you can make that change on the employee setup in the TD1 information.


I've got some articles for you that go over information about EI in general, QuickBooks' payroll options, and a resource guide for the Canada Revenue Agency. Feel free to read through them below.

That should get you on your way, but don't be afraid to ask more questions!

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