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How can I cancel a payroll run I submitted?

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How can I cancel a payroll run I submitted?

Hello @joan-schafer ,


From the Quickbooks Online Help Files:


How to delete a pay cheque

Deleting a pay cheque will completely remove it from your account. Typically, you can only delete a pay cheque if it's the most recent cheque for an employee. Once a pay cheque has been deleted our system will automatically recalculate your tax liabilities.


To delete a pay cheque

Here's how to delete a pay cheque:

  1. Go to Employees.
  2. Under the Run payroll button, select Pay cheque list.
  3. Select the cheque to delete and click Delete.
  4. When prompted to confirm the action, select Yes or No.
  • You cannot undo a pay cheque deletion. To restore a pay cheque, you would need to recreate it.
  • Voiding a pay cheque does not reverse money movement if the cheque was provided to the employee. This process only adjusts your payroll records for accounting purposes. You generally need to have the employee reimburse you for the net pay amount.
  • There are several items to be aware of when deleting pay cheques in prior periods (that is, in prior quarters for which you have already paid taxes and filed forms):
    • It will change your tax liabilities for those periods. You may owe additional late tax payments that are subject to penalty and interest. You may also need to prepare and file amended forms, which is not supported by QuickBooks Online.
    • If you intend to delete pay cheques and then re-enter them, you may be blocked from performing the re-entry yourself. In that circumstance, Payroll Support would need to do it for you.
    • If you intend to delete pay cheques for a prior year, you will need to prepare and file amended annual forms.
To delete an older pay cheque (not the most recent)

To delete an older pay cheque, you will first have to delete any pay cheques for that employee that came after, in order. Delete the pay cheques working backwards from the most recent cheque until you get to the cheque you need to delete.

Recreate pay cheques

After you've deleted pay cheques, you should recreate the ones you need in pay date order from the earliest date to the present. When you recreate pay cheques, our system automatically recalculates taxes and forms.

 Note: To recreate a pay cheque you need to rerun your payroll for the previous period(s). Due to this, it is recommended that you contact us or an accountant to help with that.
When to contact us

There are some types of pay cheques you can't delete yourself. Please contact us for help deleting/negating any of the following types of pay cheques:

  • A direct deposit pay cheque after the money has been transferred. (We process pay cheques two banking days before the pay date, at 5 pm PT.) After we negate the pay cheque for you, you'll need to collect the net pay from the employee.
  • ​An adjustment cheque (adjustment cheques are typically created automatically when a tax rate changes).
 Note: If you delete or recreate pay cheques for a period in which tax payments have been made or forms have been filed, you may have additional tax payments due or credits owed. You may need to prepare and file amended tax forms. (QuickBooks Online Payroll only supports amended RL-1 slips. To amend other slips, contact an accountant.)


Now you know how to delete a pay cheque and what to be aware of when deleting one. You also know when it’s best to contact us.

Susan S2
Level 1

How can I cancel a payroll run I submitted?

How can I re create the cheque that I cancelled?

Alex M
QuickBooks Team

How can I cancel a payroll run I submitted?

Hi there Susan S2,


Making sure that all your employee's pay is entered into your payroll system is important. QuickBooks Online payroll is a great tool t help you run your payroll to make sure all your employees' pay is being added to your books. I can provide you with some assistance with running that pay run once more.


In order to run that payroll once again, navigate to the Payroll tab, then select Run Payroll. Choose the pay period needed. Make sure to select only the employees you need to pay again with this pay run and add the amounts for their pay.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.

Susan S2
Level 1

How can I cancel a payroll run I submitted?

Thank you very much 

QuickBooks Team

How can I cancel a payroll run I submitted?

You're quite welcome. It sounds like my colleague's suggestion helped you get back on track, but we'll be here if you need us. Have a great weekend!

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