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How to modify T4 and RL-1?

Hi,I need to modify T4 ( Box 14, add amount in box 40). Also, I need to modify boxes A, J and L in RL-1.I believe desktop version allowed to modify. Is it possible to modify in QBO? Thank you

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How to modify T4 and RL-1?

Hello Tatiana,

In order to adjust those boxes on the T4 and RL-1 forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll, you would need to adjust the total pay and contributions for the employee.

If the amounts are low, you may be able to make that change with a simple adjustment cheque. You can use the tables in the article below to see which pay types affect which boxes.

If the amounts are high or the adjustment cheque isn't working out, our Payroll Team can help out on their side with a payroll correction. You can contact them through the options found here:

However, this close to the form deadline, things will be pretty busy on those lines. You may find it faster to get blank forms from the CRA and Revenu Quebec and make the changes there.

Feel free to reach back out if you have more questions!


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