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Automatic reference number for transactions

We are starting to use quickbooks to support our work internationally. In the countries we work in, it is a cash-based economy. A few questions:

1) Is recording the transaction as a bill the best way to record all expenses that our field team uses?

2) Is there a way to automate a reference number for these transactions? Many of the receipts that our teams get do not have a reference number on them. As well, it is helpful for us to have an automatic consecutive numbering system so that it is easy for us to reconcile the original receipt with the transaction on quickbooks. Your suggestions are appreciated. 



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QuickBooks Team

Automatic reference number for transactions

Hello charmaineb,


Thanks for your interest in QuickBooks Desktop! It's a great system for managing many business types, and based on what you've described above, it should be a good fit for you.


I'm happy to report that QuickBooks Desktop does have an automatic numbering system. This means from the first transaction you enter, it'll start counting and the numbers will follow consecutively. Even if you do decide to change it up and use custom numbers, the program will pick up where you left off. Note that all sales transactions use the same numbering sequence. For instance, if I create an invoice that's 001, then go create a sales receipt, that will automatically be 002.


As for entering expense transactions, it all depends on what you'd like to do. The Enter Bills feature is perfect for bills you might receive for things like utilities or subscriptions, as well as one-time expenses. There's also, however, the Write Cheques and Enter Credit Card Charges features you can consider.


Here are a few articles you can review about these features to get a better sense of what they are.


I don't have an article about the Enter Credit Card Charges feature, but it's essentially used when you want to do a single transaction against your credit card account in QuickBooks Desktop. You can also do this through the Enter Bills option, but this reduces the amount of steps to take.


Let me know if you have more questions!

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Automatic reference number for transactions

Hi Laura,


Thanks for your quick response. That's great, I'm glad that there is an automatic numbering system. Could you please point me to how I can enter these transactions on Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2019? 


I saw online that there is a way to enter transaction by batch:

However, I could not find the "Accountant" menu for Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2019. 


Your help is appreciated, thanks!

QuickBooks Team

Automatic reference number for transactions

Hi there. I want to make sure you get the right guidance with this. I recommend contacting our support team for further assistance. Here's the link with the contact details.

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Automatic reference number for transactions


Accountant Tool Box is only availabe in QuickBooks Desktop Accountant edition. Consider a 3rd party importer tool for your needs.


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