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Vendor credit has positive open balance

Vendor credit invoice has positive open balance (instead of negative) that is affecting AP aging report but not the outstanding balance of A/P


Vendor Centre

Transactions Show Balance Details Filter Open

Type Ref Amount Open Balance

Bill  AAA  26681.59   26681.59

Credit  BBB -461.04   5458.50

Total 26220.55   32140.09

Vendor Balance on the left side screen 26665.64


Unpaid Bills Detail  

Type   Number  Open Balance

Credit Card Credit   Clear ref     -

Deposit    Various    433.97

Credit     BBB   5458.50

Bill         AAA   26681.59

Total       38247.28


A/P Aging Summary

Current  1-30  31-60  61-90  total

0     26681.59  -449.92  433.97   5673.22   32338.86


Pay Bills Window

Ref  Amt Due

AAA  26681.59

Clear ref 5673.22


Set Credits Window

Ref  Credit Amt Amt to Use Credit Balance

BBB 461.04    0   5458.50


We have a vendor that will give the credit invoices for entering in QB but the refund checks will be mailed later here at the head office or to the stores, we have 9 stores, and they will mail them to head office for bank deposit. We have to record so our inventory balance matches what's in the stores. We close monthly.

I tried deleting the credit and entering it again but that month was already closed. I think the credit card credit/refund (crediting AP) and Deposit (crediting AP) that my colleague made what's affecting this. How do I get rid of that positive open balance of the credit? TIA

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Level 7

Vendor credit has positive open balance

Hey mariab1,


It's great that you already have a solid understand of what's causing this issue. Having detailed and accurate aging reports is a vital part of running a business, and QuickBooks is designed to make this easy. I want to make sure this gets addressed, and I think the best way to get to the bottom of this is with some real-time assistance. Our agents are great help in these situations and have the ability to use screen share sessions and other tools to help resolve your issues. They'll be able to really look into this to find out exactly what's causing this. You can read about our support policies here: Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies


Don't be afraid to reach out! I want to make sure everything balances.

Level 1

Vendor credit has positive open balance

I called earlier, but the agent didn't really answer me because we have 2016 version and they only answer to 2019 and newer versions unless we have a support subscription which we don't have.

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