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banking transaction - photo of receipt

I just signed up for quickbooks self-employed. I have been categorizing my bank transactions in the app.

Is it recommended that i take a photo of the receipts even though they have all been categorized through my bank account? Do i need both?



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banking transaction - photo of receipt

We're excited to have you here in Community, ailujsenoj.


Canada Revenue Agency requires you to have receipts for your business expenses.


If you decide to add the receipts through web, here's how:

  1. Go to Transactions page.
  2. Click Add receipt on the top right of the page.
  3. Drag /browse receipts from your computer.
  4. Select Upload.
  5. Receipt will be pending normally for 24 hours. The system finds a possible match to the receipt.
  6. Select Needs Action to review the receipt.

You can also attach them to existing transactions:

  1. On the Transactions page, locate the transaction.
  2. Click the triangle icon to open transaction.
  3. Click browse to add receipt.
  4. Save.

Here's an article to know more about QuickBooks Self-Employed: QuickBooks Self-Employed Overview.


Thanks for your time, and stay in touch with me if you have any questions.

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