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Qbo file no longer imports into account

My credit card company (Canadian Tire Financial) instituted a new and improved website and in the process screwed up all the downloadable accounting files - in this case qbo files. They resolved the issue. Upon importing the latest qbo - it no longer recognizes the existing credit card account in QB. I am prompted to create new account. I did not do this.

Instead, I deactivated the online service in the bank settings. I closed the company file and restarted QB (Pro 2016)

Opening up the company file again - I imported the same qbo as above  - this time I was prompted to choose the correct account. I chose the existing credit card account. Import began but in the end the data couldn't be imported... error OL-222. I spoke with my financial institution and after several layers of IT people tried everything they knew - they asked me to contact QB.

NOTE: I am still able to import qbo files for other banking institutions so this is not a connectivity issue or qbo file issue. Another thing I should mention is that while the credit card company was trying to resolve this initial issue... I began manually entering credit charges. I'm not sure why this would effect a latest qbo import . Worse case scenario would be to delete the duplicate entries and carry on.

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QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Qbo file no longer imports into account

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, armstrongone

I'm here to provide the help you need and guide you to the right support to get you back in business. 

We appreciate your efforts for taking some troubleshooting steps to resolve this by deactivating the online services in the bank settings. This helps us to better isolate the issue. 

There are a few possible reasons why you've encountered this error message when importing transactions. Among these are:

  • A problem at your bank (sometimes referred to as your financial institution or FI).
  • A problem with your Internet connection.
  • A problem with one or more accounts in your company file.
  • A problem with the download or import format.
  • A discontinued version of Windows or QuickBooks Desktop.

If you've already tried the recommended troubleshooting steps on how to fix OL And OLSU Bank Feed Errors In QuickBooks Desktop article and still same thing happens, I'd suggest contacting our QuickBooks Technical Support Team. They can pull up your account in a secure environment. They have the tools such as screen sharing, and they'll be able to further investigate what's causing this issue and fix it for you. 

After speaking with a customer support agent, I'm confident that you can move forward with importing the bank transactions into Quickbooks. Keep me posted if you have any additional questions, as I'm always here to help. Wishing you the best.

Tudor Leathwhite
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Qbo file no longer imports into account

I have a exactely the same problem.


So I updated to 2019 desktop version thinkiung it was a rpoblem with my Quickbooks.



Turns out Quickbooks have turned this feature off!!!!!!!


I am fuming and as such will now be looking at going to a provider that has basic features such as importing bank transaction.....bye bye quickbooks

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