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Vendor credit


I have several vendor credits to apply for returned materials. The original vendor bills have already been paid. We will not receive any cash/credit for the returns. We now have a credit with the vendor. How do I apply the credit to the vendor and then later apply it to future bills for payment? 




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Vendor credit

When you returned something, you should have used enter bills, set it to a credit top left, and either used the expense tab or the item tab depending on what was returned.  That sets a vendor credit.


then after you enter a new bill, in pay bills you can apply the credit.


how did you make the entry for the stuff that was returned?

Level 1

Vendor credit

Thank for the answer. The credits in question were before my time in this position. The previous person did not enter them. While I have some QB knowledge, I am still learning. I just want to be sure I do not need to do anything with the original bill entry. 


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