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Can I run another copy of the T4 Summary report in XML format for CRA?

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Can I run another copy of the T4 Summary report in XML format for CRA?

Hey sloube55,


We're almost through tax season! T4 Summaries were due on Monday, so it's crucial to submit your forms as soon as possible to avoid penalties. Thankfully, QuickBooks Online has got your back. Our payroll solutions include various options to help you send your year-end tax forms directly to the CRA. I can guide you through this.


QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll is focused on making payroll easy, while giving you complete control over your books. It comes equipped with the ability to produce XML files to make submitting tax forms easy. It's just a few quick steps to make sure you're all set to produce T4s: 

  1. Select Settings ⚙️ then Payroll Settings.
  2. Select Federal Taxes on the Preferences page.
  3. On the Company Federal Tax Information page, enter your CRA-assigned CRA Payroll Number and T4 Transmitter Number.
  4. Select OK.

If you don't have a T4 Transmitter number, contact the CRA. You may be able to simply use 555555.


Once that's done, you'll be able to generate the XML file:

  1. From the left menu select Employees and then Payroll Tax.
  2. Select Annual Forms under the Forms section.
  3. Select T4 slip (employer).
  4. Choose the period and select View. The T4 summary (employer) opens in a new tab. (Note: It's a good idea to print or save a copy for your records.)
  5. Go back to QuickBooks Online in the previous tab and select Submit. This will export your T4 slips as an XML file and automatically archive a copy for your records in QuickBooks Online. 

This awesome article includes plenty of useful information, including where to upload these XML files: How to prepare T4 slips and summary 


Advanced Payroll Powered by WagePoint elevates the year-end experience with powerful automation features. As long as auto-file is enabled, year-end forms are automatically submitted to the CRA on your behalf. As the deadline to auto-file has passed, please reach out to our payroll expert team using one of the methods below if you need additional info about the submission of your T4s. They'll be able to take a look into your account to ensure we approach this appropriately. 


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Don't be afraid to get in touch! I want to make sure you can get these submitted.

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