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How do you link you bank credit card statements to track purchases?

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How do you link you bank credit card statements to track purchases?

Hey info860,


Connecting your bank and credit card accounts allows you to conveniently import your transactions as they happen. This automates a large portion of the data entry and makes reconciliations even easier. QuickBooks Online is all about simplifying your bookkeeping so you can have more time to focus on growing your business. I'll be happy to assist you in setting this up.


It's just a few simple steps to connect a new financial institution at any time:

  1. Go to the Banking menu then select Connect Account or Add account.
  2. Search for your bank. You can connect most banks, even small credit unions.
  3. Select Continue, then enter the username and password you use for your bank's website in the pop-up window. It may take a few minutes for QuickBooks Online to connect your bank account. You'll see onscreen instructions if your bank requires additional security steps.
  4. Select the accounts you want to connect (savings, chequing, or credit card). QuickBooks shows all of your accounts tied to your financial institution. You can connect as many accounts as you need to.
  5. For each account, select the account type from the dropdown. These are accounts currently on your chart of accounts. To create a new account instead, select the dropdown menu and click + Add New
  6. Select the date range for the download. Some banks download the last 90 days of transactions, others go back as far as 24 months.
  7. Select Connect.

Check out this great article to learn more: Connect bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online 


I'm here for you. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. 

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