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Tax Summary Report total are wrong.

Hi there!

I just started using QB Self-Employed and I put in all my past invoices from the start of the year forward to start getting organized.  I tried to do my Q2 taxes but I found the totals in the Tax Summary Report completely wrong.  For example Q1 says that the total sales without GST was over $5,000 but I collected no tax.  But there is HST tax on every invoice in Q1.  Help!

As well, I'd like it if you could help me figure out how to put in Bills for in-home office use - for example to re-capture a portion of the tax on home heating fuel.

Thank you!


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Tax Summary Report total are wrong.

It's nice to see you here in the Community, everaftergraphics.


Let me help share information about the Tax Summary report.


In QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE), the amounts showing on your Tax Summary report depends on the transactions you've entered in the system. Even if you've send invoice, you still need to track this transaction and tag it as Business income.


To further isolate the issue, I'd recommend reviewing your transactions. This is to verify if they were tagged correctly according to the right income and expenses.


You may also find below articles helpful:

I'd appreciate if you can update me on how it goes. I'm always here willing to answer it for you.

Aron Ashman
Level 1

Tax Summary Report total are wrong.

I'm having similar issues. 

I have QB Self Employed Online and am having a lot of difficulty getting accurate reports. 

I need a report that captures all of the GST I paid in a reporting period. The Sales Tax Summary does not capture the correct amounts and when I export a report from the Transactions tab, it does not include the sales tax.


QuickBooks Team

Tax Summary Report total are wrong.

Hi there, Aron!


It's important to me that your reports are accurately reflecting the data that you've entered into QuickBooks Self-Employed. For this sort of situation, getting a closer look at how you've been entering your transactions and seeing what you're seeing with your reports will help with resolving what's going on.


For that reason, I recommend touching base with the QuickBooks Self-Employed team outside of Community. The Community is great for getting information about how the program works and simple troubleshooting, but some situations call for a more hands-on approach and a deeper dive by gathering information specific to your situation. Here's how you can reach an agent.

  1. Select the Assistant feature.
  2. Type and enter talk to human.
  3. Follow the prompts to reach an agent.

If you're not sure where to find the Assistant, check out this article: Contact QuickBooks Self-Employed Support


Best of luck to you!

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