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Kris Novi
Level 2

Transaction Report by supplier does not include Long Term Liabilities

I noticed that transaction reports by account or by suppliers will not list any transactions recorded in Long Term Liabilities.

I have few long term financing loans (5-10 years) for my equipment with quarterly or semi-annual payments. I set up a long term liability account and financial institutions as suppliers. I created a bill, paid the bill with the long term loan which I recorded there, but now when I want to see activity by supplier (in a report or under Expenses/Suppliers/Transaction List, or report on the account, the initial financing amount does not show there. But loan payments made to that account do.
I have no clue what is going on and how to report on the status of this financing.

There must be a way.

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QuickBooks Team

Transaction Report by supplier does not include Long Term Liabilities

Hi there, 


Recording your loan and loan payments is a necessary task for many small business owners. It's important that QuickBooks Online is able to produce a report that displays this information. I'd be happy to point you in the right direction for help with this. 


Since you've set up your loan payments by using Bills in QBO, you can run the Bills and Applied Payments report to review all the payments you've made and the bills that go with them. This report can be found by clicking the Reports tab, then searching for the title in the search bar on the right. 


If this report isn't what you're looking for, you can also try running the Bill Payment List report, which will just show a list of bills that have been paid. 

I hope this helps show you the right information. If you need any further assistance, please reach out to our tech support team. Our experts would be happy to walk you through this by remotely sharing your screen.


Kris Novi
Level 2

Transaction Report by supplier does not include Long Term Liabilities

Thank you for answer. I have a bit different situation, so perhaps I should rephrase it.

Client bought a track for 95,000 from Dealer A. The dealer issued a bill for 95,000. I recorded the bill in QBO. The bill goes against AP (short term liability) for supplier Dealer A.
The client paid 10,000 as down payment. I recorded it as a partial payment against the bill. Short Term liability decreased to 85,000. So far so good.

Client visited local Lender B, and got a loan for 85,000 payable 8,500 plus interest once a year for 10 years. Lender B paid of the Dealer A. I recorded it as journal entry to Long Term Liability with name of Lender B (as supplier) and applied it against AP with name of Dealer A. So far so good.

Now, none of the reports that you mention, show the transaction for the supplier Lender B. These reports show only transactions against AP and, banks, CC, and expenses.  The same is with Supplier Transaction list under the Expenses/Suppliers menu. No supplier's transactions for Long term liabilities.

The client made a payment. I recorded it against Long Term Liability and bank account. (I know that it actually should be moved to Short Term Liability or AP first, but for simplicity, let's skip it). Now, none of the report shows any activity for the Lender B, but the Transaction List for the Supplier (Lender B) shows the payment, but not the principal transaction.

The only way to see both and figure out the status of the loan is to go to Accounting/Chart of Accounts, find the account, display activity, and filter the supplier, download to spreadsheet and run a sum.

I believe there should be a report, straight from Suppliers page, showing all the activities related to a supplier, regardless of the accounts: The loan history throughout liability types.

It looks like for some reason, some accounts (including Long Term Liabilities) are excluded from any reporting based on the Name/Payee attached to transactions. I do not understand why. Am I approaching the whole accounting of the long term financing wrong?

QuickBooks Team

Transaction Report by supplier does not include Long Term Liabilities

Hi there. Thanks for providing additional information. At this level, I'd recommend reaching out to our tech support team. When it comes to how you've configured your account, and how things have been recorded thus far, the advice may vary and the resolution may be different. One of our experts would be able to review this information with you, and I'm confident they'd have this sorted out for you in no time. 

Have a great day.

Level 1

Transaction Report by supplier does not include Long Term Liabilities

I agree with you.


In my case, whenever I run the report " Transaction List by Supplier", I am getting all the list of transaction but no amount specified for all transaction entered thru JE. Only the transaction entered thru "Expense" has the amount in the report.


In other accounting software, whenever you run a supplier report, it will show all the list of transaction and the amount as well as the ending balance if there is any. Be it may the transaction was entered in the system thru JE or thru the expense.


Is there any way I can run a report that show the actual ending payable amount per supplier?


QuickBooks Team

Transaction Report by supplier does not include Long Term Liabilities

Hi iwinter,


Welcome to Community!  Having the ability to run a report with specific Supplier information is a great way to view the transaction history at a glance.  QuickBooks Online has the option to customize reports more specifically to your needs.  I'd be happy to assist! 


To include Journal Entries in the Transaction List by Supplier Report, follow these steps;

1. Select the Customize button in the top right corner

2. Choose the Date Range and then click on Filter

Here you can select a specific Supplier from the drop-down menu and a Transaction Type.  (I recommend having this set to All).

3. Click Run Report


The report should now list all transaction types including Journal Entries.  If you'd like to modify the report to show more information, click on the Small Gear icon at the top of the report and then select Show More.  Here you can add or remove items as you see fit.


If you need additional assistance or have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach back out.  We're here to help!

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