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Unpaid bills report sorting



I want to better sort my vendor unpaid bills report. I wanted it sorted first by the bill date, then by the bill number.


Currently, it's sorted by date, but the numbers are in random order. Thanks.

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QuickBooks Team

Unpaid bills report sorting

Hi there,


QuickBooks makes it easy to sort bills by number and I'll be happy to show you how. 


At this time, there isn't a report which allows you sort a bill by number but you can click on the Expenses tab and sort the bills by number from there. Here's a screenshot for visual reference:




Let me know if you have questions. I'll be on standby in case you need anything else. 

Level 6

Unpaid bills report sorting

Hi, blujay22

QuickBooks Desktop

Reports > Vendors and payable > Unpaid Bills Detail >  Sort by dropdown menu select Num or Date etc > for Ascending order or Descending order click AZ/ZA arrow further options are available by clicking the Customize Report button.

OR If you want to filter by other characters then click the Customize Report button > Display tab > Sort by dropdown menu select Date /Num > then Filters tab > filter by Number/Date etc  enter the range of numbers or select Date range

Note: you can sort by only one character at a given time.


QuickBooks Online

Left navigation pane > Reports centre > Standard tabWhat you owe section > Unpaid Bills >

header section click Sort > dropdown menu Sort by dropdown menu select # or Date etc > Sort in - click the radio button for Ascending order or Descending order.


Comment back for further clarifications.

Level 1

Unpaid bills report sorting

i would like to know how to print an unpaid bills detail with only the invoices that are due up to a specific date.  For example all invoices that are due on or before 5/22/20

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