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Can I get up Back up data for all my invoices for year 2019?

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QuickBooks Team

Can I get up Back up data for all my invoices for year 2019?

Hi there, 


Working with an online bookkeeping program like QuickBooks Online is a great way to gain more flexibility in your business tasks. I know many people like the idea of keeping backup copies of things like invoices outside the cloud environment. I'd be happy to explain how you can do this if you're using QuickBooks Online. 


There's a few options you can consider in terms of backing up your invoices. The first choice is to either print or save a copy of your invoices to your computer. This method would require you to save them individually, one-by-one. I know this may not be idea, depending on how many invoices you have stored in QBO.


To print an invoice, click the invoice to open it, then select Print or Preview at the bottom of the page. To save it, simply click the Save button on the bottom right-hand side. 


The other option you can explore is to integrate a third-party application. Here's a list of all apps that are compatible with QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Apps. It's important to make sure you've selected the Canadian flag at the top of the page so you're seeing the apps that are applicable in your country.


If you'd like further guidance on how to print or save your invoices, or if you'd like someone to help you explore the apps page, please reach out to our tech support team to speak to an agent. 


Have a great evening. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Can I get up Back up data for all my invoices for year 2019?


Utilize a 3rd party exporter tool


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