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Can Invoice pricing?

I'm trying to set up my QB to invoice my clients for a lawn maintenance and landscape co. some services are by the hr (same hourly rate for everyone) other services are fixed rate everyone has a different fixed price for each service I can not figure out how to set it up so Mr.x pays $20 per cut and when I invoice him only his pricing is available in the item tab.

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Can Invoice pricing?

Set the rate for your services on the item screen as the rate the general public would be charged


then in menu lists>price level list

create a price level list, name it, and adjust the price per item as needed.  If you have premier or enterprise this is much more flexible than in pro, and IMO worth the upgrade.  on teh customer record you can assign the price level list to the customer, and when you put an item on an invoice the price level list will automatically fill in.  You can also select the price level list when you want to on any invoice or sales receipt


one price level list can be assigned to multiple customers, so it is best to make a list that fits most, like preferred customer, wholesale, retail, or something


Menu Edit>Preferences>Sales & Customers>Company tab > check mark use price levels to turn on price level lists


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Can Invoice pricing?

It sounds like QB isn't capable of being used properly  for my industry as turf cutting is done by the sq ft. The chances of two different properties having the same amount of turf are nearly impossible.

QuickBooks Team

Can Invoice pricing?

Hi aaron-strickland,


I see what you're saying about the kind of service that you're offering to your customers and know that it'd be a rare find that everyone would have the exact same square footage for their turf.


What Rustler mentioned above about pricing levels is correct. With them, if you have a standard price for an item, you can set up a price level for a specific customer or multiple customers that would give them a certain percentage off the standard price. The other options in that feature are to have the percentage off the cost or the current custom price.


As an example, say your turf cutting has a standard price of $50 per square foot, but your customer only pays $25 per square foot. With price levels, you can set up a price level that says customers, whether one or many, on this price level pay 50% lower than the standard price, then add that to the payment settings on the customer profile in the customer centre.


To learn more about price levels, go to the Help menu in QuickBooks, choose QuickBooks Desktop Help, switch to the Help tab and search "price level" to see related articles.


In the event you don't have a standard price and that's where you're having trouble, another option is to set up your turf cutting service with a $0 rate so that you can enter in the appropriate amounts as needed for your customers.


I hope that helps. Don't hesitate if you have more questions!

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Can Invoice pricing?

I know this is an old thread but I came across a possible solution for you while trying to figure my own issue out.  I think you need premier though.  Turn on Units of Measure for your service items, then you can setup cutting by the sq. ft. and use price lists to change the charge per sq. ft. automatically for any customer you want.

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