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Clearing over due bills?

Im using QuickBooks Pro desktop for a client who is a few month behind on receipt input for their purchases. They are not connected to the bank and don't want to be. 


I.E. they purchase gas for their car and print the receipt and give it to me.


I input the receipt under credit card charge, type in the date charged, select the expense and hit save. 

My problem is because it was a previous date its showing up as overdue in the bill tracker section even though it was a purchase made on the credit card that day.

Will this clear up with reconciliation or do I have to physically hit "pay bills" and "pay" it? (if I do, It then shows I paid it today even though it was an expense?)


im confused. please help. 

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QuickBooks Team

Clearing over due bills?

Hello CMCDA123,


I can absolutely help you with this. You're on the right track and just a few more steps will get you on your way!


In QuickBooks Desktop, both bills and expenses use the Enter Bills and Pay Bills function. So even though something is technically an expense, it still needs that two-step process in order to correctly be entered into your books. Here are articles that explain it: Enter bills and Pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop


In your case, when you enter the payment for the expense, you'll want to adjust the date the payment is being made on. That way, you can accurately report this in your books. Here's a screenshot from a QuickBooks Desktop test file to show you where to look.



Give that a shot and let me know if you have questions!

Level 8

Clearing over due bills?

Hi @CMCDA123 ,


The pay bills feature is not necessary when you are entering the credit card charges directly into the credit card account.  I'm not sure why it would show up in the bill tracker, but perhaps it is because no payments to that credit card have been posted yet . . . ??  If you can get far enough into your entries that you are adding the bank payments to the credit card as well as the charges, check to see if those charges disappear off the bill tracker.  Upon reconciliation, they most certainly should not show up in the bill tracker any more.  Good luck!

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