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Estimates - Switching Templates

I have created two estimate templates that I would like to switch between (depending on the type of estimate I'm providing to the customer). Here's what I'm doing: 

From Customer Home Screen > New Transaction > Estimate (which brings up the version of the last estimate type I created.)

When I want to switch the template - I would have thought I'd go to Customize>then select the template I want to use. But nothing changes. I've even tried refreshing my screen after making my selection and the last used estimate still shows. 


Does this simple feature not exist or what am I doing wrong? 

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QuickBooks Team

Estimates - Switching Templates

Hi there, 


It's great you're creating custom templates for your estimates! Don't worry, I'll help figure out why you're unable to switch to a different template.


Based on what you've described, you're following the proper steps for switching estimates. One suggestion I have is making sure you're saving the estimate template after switching it. Once you've saved it, you can print/preview to see if it's working. If you're still having issues, I recommend clearing cache and cookies on your browser.Doing this will help fix most issues the site may be having. Here's an article which shows you how to do that: How to clear Cache and Cookies. 


Give this a try and if you're still having issues, I recommend contacting our support team using this link



Level 3

Estimates - Switching Templates

Thanks for the prompt reply. Sorry, that doesn't work :( And really if I had to clear my cache every time I switched a template ... UGH! 

In fact, it seems I'm unable to switch templates altogether. I can only edit (Customize) my current template every time I want a different view. I'll get in touch with the support team.


Level 3

Estimates - Switching Templates

Thanks James ... I don't know what's changed but I can now select "Save" and the change to the other estimate template works like a charm! "Save" had been greyed out earlier but it's not anymore. Yippee!

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