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How to add multiple contacts under same customer?

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QuickBooks Team

How to add multiple contacts under same customer?

Hello billing53,


Thanks for joining us! I'm excited to hear that you've chosen QuickBooks Online to manage your business's books. Having multiple contact points for a single customer can be handy when you're selling to or doing work for other businesses. I'll gladly go over the options with you so you can get started.


QuickBooks Online customer profiles are set up for singular contacts. While you're welcome to use things such as the Notes section on a profile to list other people and information for getting in touch with them, the program won't pull information from that section onto forms or other areas. It's for your reference only.


If your situation is your customer is actually another business and you want to be able to list individual people in that business you'll be doing work for or selling items to, you can considering a customer and sub-customer structure. With this, it's possible to set up a main customer and then attach related customers to it. It even lets you choose whether you want the sub-customer to be billed by itself or for the bill to go to the main customer.


Take a look at the Manage your customer list article for a better sense of and more details about what I mean.


You're also welcome to submit feedback to our product development team if you have other ideas about how you'd want this to look. We love getting these kinds of submissions from customers because it lets us know what you're looking for and what changes we could possibly make to simplify running your business. Read this to learn how: How do I submit feedback?


Don't hesitate to give em a shout if you have more questions. I'm here to help. :)

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