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Incorect Sales Tax

I am trying to submit an invoice with a sales tax of 10%. Why is quickbooks miscalculating the sales  tax amount? It is adding an additional .01 to the total? If you do the math $475.00 x10% should be $47.50 but my program is calaculating it to $47.51? TIA!

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Incorect Sales Tax

Hey thomasmech,


Being proactive in making sure your tax amounts are correct is a stellar habit, which ensures you're always have accurate filings. This is definitely something I'd like to take a closer look at, so please reach out to an agent. They'll be able to look into the specifics of your account. You can read about our support policies here: Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies


Don't be afraid to reach out! I want to make sure everything balances.

Level 1

Incorect Sales Tax

Hello, How do I reach out to an agent?

Thank you

QuickBooks Team

Incorect Sales Tax

Hi there. To reach an agent, use the contact information found here.


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