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Where can I see the receipts I snapped?

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QuickBooks Team

Where can I see the receipts I snapped?

Hi there, 


The new Receipts tab in QuickBooks Online allows you to manage and match your expenses with receipts in just a few clicks. Once you're done snapping your receipts and creating expenses, it's essential that you're able to review your digital copies so you can refer to them when necessary. I'll explain how you can go about seeing your previously scanned receipts. 


When a receipt is scanned/uploaded in the system, the corresponding transaction will be permanently linked with the receipt. In order to see the receipt you snapped, simply open the related transaction and scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see "Attachments". 


If you have any other questions, or need a hand finding your receipt, you can always reach out to our tech support team



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Where can I see the receipts I snapped?

I have an issue where when I click the attachment nothing will happen, the image information is there but will not open

QuickBooks Team

Where can I see the receipts I snapped?

Hey abtechnicall,


Reviewing the attachments you upload into QuickBooks Online is essential, as they often contain important information needed for your records. If you're experiencing loading issues when trying to open your attachments, it's likely caused by browser-related issues. I'll walk you through a few helpful troubleshooting steps in order to get you back on track.


Try clearing the cache and cookies in your web browser to remove any stored Internet files. These stored files can cause bugs in QBO and other sites. Here's how to clear them: Clear cache and cookies to fix issues when using QuickBooks Online


If the issue persists, try using an Incognito window in Google Chrome. This is a private browsing mode that operates separately from the main browser, and it doesn't get impacted by stored cache and cookies. Here's more information about that and how to use it: Browse in Private. You should also try using multiple different browsers.


If you're still running into issues, I'd recommend touching base with our tech support team so an agent can take a closer look at what may be happening. I'm confident our team will be able to sort this out for you.



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