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Level 2

How do I book the GST remittance manually?

We currently pay the GST remittance through online banking/CRA website.  I don't have the bank account linked at this time.  So I'm looking at how to book the annual remittance to show the payment applied to the accounts.  

Thanks in advance.


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Kristine Mae

How do I book the GST remittance manually?

Hello there, Calgarygirl.


To know how to record the GST payment manually, I suggest getting in touch with our QuickBooks Desktop support. They will walk you through with the process.


Here's how to contact them:

  1. Visit our website:
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. On the Contact Us page, click Run your business and choose Sales tax.
  4. Click Get Phone Number

Of course, you're always welcome to visit us if you have other concerns. 

Level 8

How do I book the GST remittance manually?

Hi @Calgarygirl ,


During the filing process, there is an option to check 'Paper or other filing method' or 'File online'.  Choose 'Paper or other filing method'.  Once you've done that another window will come up asking you to choose 'Pay now' or 'Pay later'.  Either way, the net GST amount owing has now become part of your Accounts Payable ledger under your Receiver General vendor.  Whether you 'Pay now' or 'Pay later', you will be using the 'Pay Bills' feature to make your remittance to CRA.

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