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Getting Started in QB Community



Hello and welcome to your Community!


Whether you’ve found your way here from the Help menu inside your product or stumbled onto a helpful article from the web, this is the premier place to gain QuickBooks knowledge and discuss your business or ideas.

The video and instructions below provide a brief overview of everything the Community can do for you.




Tell Us about Yourself


Your Member Profile is a great place to talk about your company, specialties, or the products and services you offer. Don’t be afraid to include Social Media or Blog links as well so the Community can see what you’re about!



  1. QBCBioEntry.gifFrom anywhere in the Community, click your avatar
    in the top-right and select:  My Profile icon.png
  2. Next to Member profile, click Edit
  3. From here, you can add an Avatar picture, fill out your Biography and online presence, and let the world know your business’s vision. 




Keep in mind however, that any and all content you post on the Community is viewable publicly.  So make sure you are not sharing any personally identifiable information such as email address, company info, etc.  


Search for Answers or Ask Questions


Our Q&A Boards are chock-full of experts and other small business owners who are always discussing how to get the most out of QuickBooks. Here’s how you can browse the topics or join in a conversation:



1. From the Home page, click the QuickBooks Q&A board to see all of the product sections we offer. 

2. Select a topic, then click on any discussion that interests you to open it.

3. To join in on the conversation, simply cReply icon.pnglick: 



You can also use the Search Bar (A) on the home page to find just the answer you’re looking for. If you’d like to ask a new question, click Start a discussion (B) in the top-right of any board. Here’s some helpful information to include when asking questions:



  • Which version of QuickBooks are you using?
  • Are you receiving an error message? Be sure to note the exact description or take a screenshot.
  • Does this issue occur on multiple computers/devices/web browsers?



Talk about your Business, Goals, or Ideas


Want to ask industry professionals for suggestions or insight? Perhaps you’d like to talk about the unique challenges your company faces each day in hopes of finding a software solution? The Business discussions boards are the place for you!


1. From thQBCTalkAboutYourBusiness.gife Home page, select the Community menu and click Talk about your business.

2. Select whichever message board interests you.

3. If you’d like, click Start a discussion and tell us what you’re thinking!



With the help of our brand new community hosts, we’re giving the Business Discussions space a lot of time and love to help you better connect with others and build a road to success.


If you have any questions about how to use the Community, feedback on this guide, or requests for additional content, please let us know in the comments below!

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Level 1

Getting Started in QB Community

Hello - I'm interested in launching Quickbooks as my new accounting software but before I purchase I need to find out if it will allow me to back date a year of entries. I plan to enter the full year of 2019 next year during 2020 because I have no time to do it this year. Meaning I'll be back dating all of my entries for 2019 during the year of 2020.  And then of course getting 2020 up to date.  Hope to have this done before March.  Will Quickbooks allow me to back date the year during a different year?  I've been told yes it can do it.  And, I've been told no it will not do it on the same computer - I would need to input 2019 on one computer and 2020 on a different computer and then the years would never communicate.  And, I've been told no it won't back date at all.  My companies have minimal transactions.  Thank you for any help you can offer.     

Level 6

Getting Started in QB Community


You can entry backdate in QuickBooks and use 3rd party migration tool to minimize your manual effort. You should open a new thread for your case.


@MichaelDL ,

I have a client using Community to seek any information. Unfortunately since last week, he couldn't sign into Community any longer and always get the landing page of QuickBook Help. He can still signing into CAMPS with the same credential. When he signed into Community with his second credential, he noticed his first credential is vanished and it appears Anonymous (rank N/A). Is he banned and blocked by Moderator? How to recover it?


Easton at J E Cole Bookkeeping
Level 4

Getting Started in QB Community

Hi Michael,


Quick question, today I earned the Super Explorer rank. While this is exciting I don't really know what it means. Is there a place I can see the different rankings and requirements and what they mean exactly? 

QuickBooks Team

Getting Started in QB Community

@Easton at J E Cole Bookkeeping 


Hello again, Easton.


That's a good question. Generally, these ranks are a combination of multiple factors, such as engagement, cheers, and even the profile.


There is a correlation between the asterisks and ranking, with three of them (***) being the highest possible. You may have noticed that several prolific users have the title of Established Community Backer ***, which is the highest of these roles. Also, @LisaNullar submitted a thread yesterday with information about the new Intuit Community Champions Program, which you may wanna check out.


I don't believe there's a guide with the specific requirements, and I'm going to submit a content request with my team. In the meantime, I'd recommend doing what you're doing. For example, I was going to reference badges but noticed you already have ten of them :).


As always, I'm just a few clicks away should you have any questions. Take care, my friend.



Easton at J E Cole Bookkeeping
Level 4

Getting Started in QB Community

Thanks David, not only for the response but for always being around to answer these questions. I know I'm not the only one who is glad you're here. 

The Community Champions program looks awesome! I'll defintely be following that and happy that I have a goal to work towards on here. I love collecting/completing things and so that badges have been a goal of mine. I missed a day yesterday of activity so I'm back to working on the daily log in for a month. I'll keep working on those and just keep doing what I'm doing, answering the questions I can and engaging with the community. Thanks! 

QuickBooks Team

Getting Started in QB Community

@Easton at J E Cole Bookkeeping 


You're most welcome, Easton. I'm happy to do it.


It's nice to have you and your input in the Community as well.


The new Community Champions program is something that I'm excited about too. There are some really neat benefits that I can't wait to see.


For what its worth, the 30-Day streak has been an elusive button for me also. Something always comes up, and I forget on like the 27th day to log in. We might end up racing for it ;).


Cheering you to a wonderful weekend!

Level 2

Getting Started in QB Community

Hello QuickBooks,  I'm working with QuickBooks Desktop 2020 and I'm having difficulties making a "bank to bank transfer" between enabled bank feeds and non-enabled bank feeds accounts.  By selecting "save and close" to an non-online transfer between a non-enabled and enabled bank account, I see from my bank feeds the transfer is completed, however the transfer comes up with in-sensibility to be "matched" with my current bank balance with being re-fresh and "approved".   Is it possible since the "transaction" is new or because the transfer never took place to my bank account? As well, I'm not sure if the bank transfer between each account is "transferred" and will show in my bank balance. There is no recollection or feasible bits of information showcasing that it's an option or a possibility.  Can you please assist and help me in this manner?  Thanks.


Getting Started in QB Community

It is both, sharpcollection.  

QuickBooks is your virtual record of your transactions. Though you can create a non-online bank transfers, it won’t happen in the actual bank. This will only affect your QuickBooks register balance. 

The transfers will show once you do it on your actual bank account. Then you'll be able to download these transactions.

Match the transactions when they are ready on your Bank Feeds Center. 

Level 1

Getting Started in QB Community

I am excited to be part of this community. I have been a National Trainer teaching QuickBooks for the last 11 years. I also use QuickBooks for my companies that I run.


Best software around for ease of use for the non accountant running a business.


Hit me up if you have questions.



Dan Schemerhorn

Help Coach Me Inc

National Speaker and Trainer


Level 3

Getting Started in QB Community

I have searched high and low throughout this community, and I can't for the life of me find where to post an original topic. I would like to post in the Errors and Troubleshooting section, but I can only view existing articles; I see no option to create my own. Please let me know how I can start a new discussion in a specific section.



QuickBooks Team

Getting Started in QB Community



Hi there, Dan.


I'm excited to have you in the Community!


Do you train students in QuickBooks Desktop, or Online, or both? Additionally, I was curious if these lessons were in person or done online.


We also have the Talk about your business section if you'd ever like to discuss one of your companies.


I'm looking forward to your contributions and will be keeping an eye out for them!

QuickBooks Team

Getting Started in QB Community

It's great to have you in the thread, @stirlingpainting.


The Browse by topic section is a resource hub for articles and videos by QuickBooks. 


Here's how you can create a new post:



Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or need additional assistance. 


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