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In Case You Missed It: Color Synesthesia, Cafes, Crusaders and Crepes


Our discussion boards are positively crowded with inspiring stories of gutsy folks who have empowered themselves to dream big, work hard, and kick some serious butt. Here's who came to the party this past week, just in case you missed it.


BACKING YOU: At 13, Singer-Songwriter Willa Amai Steps into the Spotlight – and Shines Bright

"I think of color synesthesia as having two parts of my brain meshed together, so color is connected to sound, words and letters. For me, every letter has a color. Z is purple, W is pink, X is navy, Y is yellow. When I’m making music, the colors in the song have to be enjoyable for me to hear and to look at."


Kari Browne Sold Her Two Beloved Cafes by Trusting Her Gut, and Her Heart

"I decided to take a huge risk and list the cafes myself...I was able to control the narrative of the sale and explain why I was selling, that the cafes were thriving, not failing and what I hoped for my businesses."


Attorney Christina DiEdoardo Stands Up, Speaks Out and Does Things Her Way

"I’ve learned it’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you’re too ignorant to understand what’s impossible. Even if I don’t win every case, at least the record shows someone objected. It helps move things forward, and it’s a lot better than doing nothing at all."


BACKING YOU: Salif Keita Says “Oui, Oui” to His Successful, and Generous, Family Business

"When I first moved to the States, I delivered for Domino’s Pizza. I was thinking about opening my own franchise. My manager at the time, who was a super cool guy, said, 'Salif, if you like following the rules, open a franchise. If you want to be able to do things your way, don’t.'"


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Before you go...


What Milestone Moments Persuaded You to “Pivot” and Work for Yourself?

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In Case You Missed It: Color Synesthesia, Cafes, Crusaders and Crepes

Haha, that's an easy one: I had a baby, and then another one.  When my kids were small I needed the flexibility of working at odd hours so I turned to freelancing. 


I think I read somewhere that the vast majority of new small businesses are started by women. I wonder why that might be!

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In Case You Missed It: Color Synesthesia, Cafes, Crusaders and Crepes

For me, when I was strating out, I just didn't see the kind of job I wanted. But I've always had "ideas" and the idea of making my own job, the way I wanted it, seemed as good as anything else out there. I was also pretty young and didn't have many others to whom I was accountable! That certainly helped with the courage piece. I love reading about people who work for themselves because it makes me take more pride in my decisions to do the same.

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