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The Perfect Summer Reading List for a Busy Entrepreneur



For lots of small business owners, July is a slow time in business. (If it’s your high season, you’re not alone – check out this post to meet other entrepreneurs whose businesses peak during the hottest months.) In case you want to set aside some time this summer to brush up on some business strategies and tactics, we’ve curated a list of posts packed with insights and information designed to help you run your business efficiently and effectively (and have more fun doing it, too!).


We hope you enjoy digging into our QB Community Summer Reading List. Happy reading!


If you want to get paid faster and more reliably, read these posts:


Invoicing: How to Put Your Mighty Invoice to Work

Invoicing: Frustrated by Late Payments? Some Tips for Tracking Down Your Dollars

Invoicing: Make Every Invoice Work Faster and Better Than Ever Before

Use Recurring Sales Receipts to Get Paid On Time


If you work with other people – employees, customers, suppliers -- read these posts:


Employees on Your Mind? Some Hints Before You Hire

Getting Customers: Is Your Business Customer-Ready? A Checklist for Success

Getting Customers: Three Ways Your First Customer Can Help You Build a Better Business

Getting Customers: Four Marketing Tactics to Help Your Customer Base Soar

How to Keep Customers Smiling Even When Things Go Wrong

Working with Suppliers: Be Prepared – and Get Ready for Give and Take (Part One)

Working with Suppliers: We Share Answers to Three Burning Questions (Part Two)

Working with Suppliers: Leslie Barber Shares the Inside Scoop (Part Three)


If you want to boost your financial literacy (and who doesn’t?), read these posts:  


Financial Literacy Basics When You’re Just Starting Out

22 Financial Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

Tool Kit: 3 Worksheets to Make It Easier to Track Your Finances

Tool Kit: 6 Key Financial Equations

Tool Kit: 22 Important Financial Terms

Financial Literacy Basics When You’re Planning for Retirement

Financial Literacy Basics When You’re Looking for Funding


If you need to do a better job tracking your money, read these posts:


Money Matters: Boost Your Cash Flow In Three Simple Steps

Money Matters: Your Balance Sheet Is a Truth Serum For How You Run Your Business

Money Matters: How to Track Your Cash – and Keep It Flowing


If you’re (already) thinking about taxes, read these posts:


8 Smart Tips on Dealing With Self-Employed Taxes From a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper Lynda Artesani Knows Her Numbers -- So Her Clients Don’t Have To


If you’re looking for a hit of entrepreneurial inspiration and wisdom, click here to meet tons of amazing small business owners!


Now it’s your turn

QB Community members, what’s on your summer reading list? Will you be reading to relax and escape or to learn something new? Or will you tune in to your favorite podcast instead?

Want to weigh in but not yet a QB Community member? Click HERE to sign up in a flash!


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Level 7

The Perfect Summer Reading List for a Busy Entrepreneur

So much great stuff in here, @WillowOlder - thanks for sharing!

Level 5

The Perfect Summer Reading List for a Busy Entrepreneur

@EmilyCowan I love curated reading lists -- with so much great material out there (for business and beyond), it can be overwhelming to figure out what's really worth my time. What's are you reading right now, @EmilyCowan @Anonymous@LeslieBarber@SarahGonzales and others? I'm about to dig into When by Daniel Pink. It's about the science of finding the "best time" to do something/anything -- quit a job, start your own gig, be productive during the day, you name it. I'm excited to learn what kind of "chronotype" I am!  

Not applicable

The Perfect Summer Reading List for a Busy Entrepreneur

@WillowOlder, you are right - sooooo many business books to read, never enough time! However, I am currently gobbling up, "NICHE DOWN: How to Become Legendary by Being Different" by Christopher Lochhead and Heather Clancy. 


I'm just a couple of chapters in, but loving it so far. I am a FIRM believer that there is "riches in niches" if you are bold enough and believe in yourself enough to claim one.


Most entrepreneurs are terrified that if they niche their business they will miss out on opportunities (scarce mindset). When in fact, the exact opposite is true. When you commit to a niche and really OWN it with branding and messaging, it actually ATTRACTS the best clients who love what you do and will pay you a premium because you're an expert (abundant mindset). I think we need to talk about this is office hours tomorrow!!! You in?



Level 5

The Perfect Summer Reading List for a Busy Entrepreneur

@WillowOlder I just started reading a real paperback novel (not on Kindle) for the first time in ages. It's "Who is Vera Kelly?" by Rosalie Knecht. Otherwise I'm reading all the "longform" articles curated by

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