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shipping/handling on invoice

Add a shipping field to invoices

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shipping/handling on invoice

you can not add the field, you have to use an item


service item called shipping which posts to an income account, I use one called pre-paid shipping income

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shipping/handling on invoice



In QBO, they do have an option to add a Shipping field on Invoice form.



You will need to enable this from the gear sales settings.
(Gear on the top corner > Your Company > Account and Settings > Sales > Sales form content > Shipping > On > Save).

You can select Shipping account from the gear advanced settings.
(Gear on the top corner > Your Company > Account and Settings > Advanced > Chart of accounts > Shipping account > Select account > Save).

Level 1

shipping/handling on invoice

in shipping account, what account should be selected?

then does it automatically go to the selected account?

Do i seperate parts purchased upfront for the job from shipping expenses for those parts or add it all together making it 1 total charge?


i almost always have to buy parts upfront for a job and with that i pay shipping/freight charges. i invoice my customer for the job plus parts and shipping of those parts to be reimbursed...


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